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Ceramic Bearing System - CeraDyna

ARX is always looking for better technology. From raw materials, forming, sintering to the final machining stage, we make the best bearings through experiments again and again.

Zirconia offers a variety of durable and cost-effective success stories that can replace traditional materials
  • High hardness
  • Wear resistance
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Low conductivity
We have all the capabilities from molding to the final mechanical processing stage. Ceramics based on zirconia can precisely produce different shapes and dimensional changes by changing its composition, manufacturing process, sintering temperature and back-end machining. Ceramic shafts and bearings with different shapes and dimensional changes can be made accurately.
ARX Ceramic Bearing

The ceramic shaft is very precisely machined, with a very fine surface texture, well in advance of the traditional steel shaft. ARX launched its A series of Ceradyna brand fans late in 2001, and this year the company plans to launch its Ceradyna C series, which feature a combination of ceramic shaft and ceramic bearing. This combination offers very durable and smooth operation, at the same or slightly less cost than a two-bearing system, while making less noise.For ARX, the ceramic design approach has been a success, with a very positive market response, and the company has managed to increase market share.

「More and more people are looking into ceramic technology. Ceramic materials offer many advantages. They are very durable and resistant to heat and humidity.」~ Excerpt from EuroTrade

Why Ceramic Bearing?
  • Provide equivalent or better life expectancy
  • Provide equivalent or better reliability
  • Provide Cost effective solution
  • Simplify fan structure
  • Reduce noise from bearing system
  • Reduce the complexity of fan assembly
  • Increase the yield rate of fan production
ARX Ceramic Bearing

CIM - Ceramic Injection Molding



Product Design → Molding Design & Simulation → Molding Developing


Powder → Mixing


Grinding → Honing → Chamfering → Lapping → Facing


Contact Surface Pattern、Noise Level、Manufacture precision、Hardness、Feasibility、Rotation precision、Life Hour