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AnOR 垚

About AnOR Ceramic knife


AnOR Ceramic Knife is one of our main ceramic product, made by ceramic injection molding and precise grinding. It is high density, not easy to blunt, and never-wearing. its none-porous structure makes it residue-free and odor-free. The blade is treated with nano-antibacterial process and certified by SGS.

AnOR Ceramic Knife is razor-sharp, light weighted and very handy, it makes long cutting tasks much more comfortable. You can just wash it with water or a small amount of detergent when cleaning.

AnOR 垚
AnOR Ceramic knife

AnOR - Brand Story

The Chinese character "垚" is the ancient form of another character "堯", they pronounce in the same way, meaning profound and farsighted.

A couple years ago, a group of engineers found that the technology of plastic and metal injection molding is already matured in Taiwan, however ceramic production techniques still stay in traditional level. Therefore they decided to start a challenge:" is it possible to make ceramics by injection molding?" They started their adventure, it is difficult and backbreaking but it's also with passion and excitement. They been through thousands of experiments and trials, tried to come up with new formula and new manufacture process. Eventually, they made the essence from the earth, by injection molding, into pieces of glittering ceramic axis and gained professional certification. This is one big success that break with tradition. This implementation took 5 years to succeed, it may not look long, but it is made by our resolution and determination.

Now, our engineers craft our ceramic knife, snowy-white and stainless, by ceramic injection molding. Our fonder named it with character "垚" or AnOR, meaning the essence extracted from earth, through precise sintering and manufacture, to complete AnOR Ceramic Knife.